Charter schools have been around for nearly twenty years. There are now over 5,000 of them in forty-two states and the District of Columbia. Yet many Americans are still unclear about exactly what these schools are and how they operate, and everyone wants to know why some are so great and others…not so much. 
In “Unchartered Territory,” you will learn what charter schools are, why they were created, and why they reflect such mixed quality today.  Interviewing some of the most successful 'pioneers' of this still-developing frontier, we learn first-hand about both the opportunities and obstacles presented by charter school reform.


What are Charter Schools?

Facts and Figures: All About Charter Schools

The Color of Success: Black Student Achievement in Public Charter Schools (PDF)


Producer/Director Kelly Amis

Cinematographers Sergei Krasikov, Phillip Ebeid, Christina Voros,
Justin Ammon, Cyrus Dowlatshahi

Editors Kate Stilley Steiner, Sergei Krasikov, Kelly Amis

Graphics Sean Kimber

Title Sequence Ri Crawford

Music Asparagus Studios & Michael Harris


Tyzjae Monroe, Armontae Harris, Tequaila Monroe, Carlet Harris, Christian Roman, Bob Compton, Barry Lofton, Suzy Amis Cameron, Charlie Amis, Bernadette Dare, Andy Orin, Natalie & Jon Niksa, Emily Miner, Derek Beecham, Annette Ermshar, Laura Kettleson Sartore, Molly & Greg Wootton, Meg & Manny Scrofani, Janae Jennings, Shawn Hayes, Don Hense,  Deborah Kenny, Steve Barr, Irasema Salcido, Kevin Chavous, Kaya Henderson, Jason Epting

Harlem Village Academies * Friendship Schools * Cesar Chavez Schools for Public Policy * Green Dot Schools * Washington, DC Public Schools