While today’s media and policy wonks seem determined to carve society into simplistic ‘pro-’ and ‘anti-’ teacher camps, the truth is, of course, more complicated.  And really, who isn’t pro-teacher?  Everyone loves and appreciates the value of great teachers, and no one wants ineffective teachers in the classroom. But what happens when ineffective teachers can’t be fired? In “The Blame Game,” teachers themselves talk about the profession and the consequences of rules that treat all teachers as if they’re interchangeable.  


The New Teacher Project: The Irreplaceables

The Real Value of Teachers: If Good Teachers Matter, Why Don’t We Act Like It? (PDF)

The New Teacher Project: Widget Effect Report (PDF)

Seizing Opportunity at the Top: How the U.S. Can Reach Every Student with an Excellent Teacher, a Public Impact Policy Brief (PDF)

Betting on Teachers: The 43rd Annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitude Toward the Public Schools (PDF)


Producer/Director Kelly Amis

Cinematographers Sergei Krasikov, Phillip Ebeid, Christina Voros, Ana-Lena Isaksson, Justin Ammon, Andrew Blum

Editors Kate Stilley Steiner, Kelly Amis 

Graphics Sean Kimber 

Music Asparagus Studios


Howard Fuller, Khetho Dlamini, James Horner, Joe Robert, Trish & Paul Striglos, Margi & Tom Power, David Amis, Jennifer Amis, Daphne Edwards, Danny Tomeh, John & Jodi Sunderman, Michael Landrum, Steve Dollinger, Ann & Ken Stinson, Maureen & Sarah Stubblefield, Katie Schnable, Jason Chitwood, Anne Girvin, Sanjay Seth

...and all of our amazing teachers: Pearl, Steve, Erin, Gary, Jason, Christian, Catrina, Batia, Barrie, Earl, Susan, Amber and the great teachers at Kimball Elementary.