The TEACHED short film series is meant to: 1) amplify diverse voices and share stories that need to be heard, 2) educate, enlighten and inspire audiences around issues of race, justice and equality, and 3) "change the lens" on youth of color, especially African American boys, whose portrayal in media is too often narrow and negative. Our progress so far:


Sasha Williams

By being in Code Oakland, I am showing other girls what they can do! I am a living example to other young girls of color that we can have a career in technology and have an impact on our community and world. I am able to show that coding is fun and can open a world of possibilities.

“TEACHED films communicate the real narrative about our community. They tell stories that would never get told.  My daughter realizes the impact that her image and message has on young girls of color with an interest in technology...if they “see it they can be it.”  Her experience has helped her realize the power of authentic story-telling and the impact of positive images in the media.”

— Yolanda Williams, Sasha's mother


Napa Valley Film Festival 2016 - Best Short Documentary

Uptown Short Film Festival 2016 - Best Documentary

Fulbright Film Festival 2016 - First Place

Best Shorts Competition 2016 - Humanitarian Award

Harlem International Film Festival 2015 - Best Short Documentary

Humboldt International Film Festival 2015 - Best Documentary

Napa Valley Film Festival 2015 - Honorable Mention

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Jason Epting

Being a part of Unchartered Territory impacted me in ways I could not have imagined. I have been asked by schools, districts and government agencies to speak all across the country. It has given me the opportunity to shed light on serious issues surrounding education and race.

For me, having TEACHED as the central basis for Education Equality Week was the best decision we made. It was perfect, because it built a foundation for the rest of the programs. The films should definitely be screened first before any kind of discussion of education equality, especially because everyone has different levels of knowledge on the issue.

— Lani Luo, College Student & Education Equality Week Organizer
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Houston World Fest 2015 - Bronze, Social & Economic Issues

Canada International Film Festival 2015 - Rising Star Award

(In)Justice for All Film Festival 2015 - Audience Award

(In)Justice for All Film Festival 2015 - Social Impact Award

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival 2015 - Award of Merit

TFA Social Innovation Award 2013

Honolulu Film Festival Aloha Award

7 Pearl Working.jpg

Pearl Arredondo

TEACHED provided a platform and audience that I otherwise never would have had exposure to. Director Kelly Amis has launched something bigger than a film...people like me have started to mobilize and make things happen. How do I explain the impact? It was transformative on so many different levels. The beautiful part is that it isn't over.

“I believe the TEACHED film series will prove invaluable to reminding the public just how far our country still needs to go to ensure every child in America—whatever their background, race or income level—is provided with a quality education, and inspiring more people to join the fight.”

— Dr. Howard Fuller, Founder, Black Alliance for Educational Options
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