A Film of the Filmmakers

New Schools Venture Fund has posted videos from their annual conference, including the panel discussion "Schools Hit the Big Screen," which featured TEACHED and Waiting for Superman. You can now watch the entire panel discussion on vimeo!

We introduce ourselves in the first clip:

NewSchools Clip 1

They show the trailers in the second (including the trailer for The Lottery by Madeleine Sackler)

NewSchools Clip 2

And the following three clips present the entire Q&A with the panelists. If you want to hear why I decided to make TEACHED, go to 5:38 in Clip #3. Hopefully you won't be able to tell how incredibly nervous I was!

NewSchools Clip 3 NewSchools Clip 4 NewSchools Clip 5

Posted on August 18, 2010 and filed under Media Coverage, Education Equality.