The TEACHED short films serve as provocative conversation starters at conferences, special events, meetings or programs. They are especially high-impact when combined with guest speakers, panel discussions and audience interaction.  


Screen One Film at a Time 

Screening each film individually gives you time to deeply immerse your audience in the issues each one addresses, e.g. the school-to-prison pipeline, education equality, tech diversity, etc. You may consider concluding your event with group activities and action planning.

Screen Several Films

Our short films can be mixed and matched depending on your goals and audience. TEACHED films are about 10-20 minutes each so you can screen several at a time, depending on the issues you want to address.  Go here for some program theme ideas.


Find Partners

Connect with your public library, community group, faith-based institution, college, university or other local organization to help reach a large and diverse audience.