Year of the Education Documentary-- Turning into a Decade?

We are thrilled to be included in this new Harvard Political Review article about the advent and ongoing production of education reform documentary films that started about a year ago, Silver Screens and Blackboards.

As the article explains, TEACHED will not just talk ABOUT teachers, we will let teachers do the talking. Over more than two years of filming interviews across the country, we have learned first-hand that many teachers are clear about what solutions would eliminate the achievement gap, improve their work environments and increase the opportunities for their students' success.  

What's amazing is that parents, students, principals and many education leaders by and large support the same changes. So what's the hold up?

Today, education debates are incredibly polarized, reduced to ridiculously simple "pro" or "con" stances: people and reforms are labeled as "pro" or "anti" teacher, "pro" or "anti" charter school, "pro" or "anti" union, etc. etc.

The TEACHED short film series will try to break through these simplistic arguments and show what commonsense--and just about everyone on the ground--would have us do to improve schools.

Posted on May 6, 2011 and filed under Media Coverage, Education Equality.