We had the great honor and joy to screen one of the TEACHED Vol. I films--The Path to Prison--at the Friendship Schools Convocation in August. This annual event brings together all the 1,000 or so teachers who work in Friendship Schools, an excellent group of charter and traditional public schools in Washington, DC and Baltimore (which are featured in our other short film, Unchartered Territory, along with their inspirational leader Donald Hense).

Friendship Schools prove that it's possible to serve both students and teachers well. We knew the students were doing well, but WOW at this convocation did we some happy, joyful teachers! This is what teaching is supposed to be! Sometimes I think we all forget that. These days it seems like it's all arguing about how bad the job is, how hard the kids are, how terrible the parents are, etc. Hopefully schools like Friendship will light a fire to treat all teachers like professionals, let them work together and bring out their passion and JOY. 

Ok, off my soapbox to let our fabulous new INTERN Josh Saunders tell you about his experience at the convocation. We are so happy to have Josh on board! 

INTERNS SPEAK! From Joshua Saunders


The tenth Annual Friendship Public Charter School Convocation was held on August 22, 2012. It was a wonderful experience. While I learned a great deal on the errors in the school systems and observed everyone's appreciation for education, I also had a great time.  I enjoyed the music and the entertainment. This event was a fun learning experience. I met Donald Hense, chairman of the Friendship Schools, and Kenneth L. Campbell, founding member of the Black Alliance for Educational Options. The speeches made, especially by Howard Fuller, opened my eyes to the reality of educational issues and how they affect students all over America including me. I also had a great time with Ms. Kelly Amis.  I'm really glad I went to the convocation.

Check out photos from the Convocation HERE.

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