Public Impact is one of the most reliable resources in education reform. Check out this great new report about how we could ensure that EVERY student is taught by excellent teachers.

 Here's a blurb:

In Seizing Opportunity at the Top, we show what policymakers must do to: 

  • speedily improve the identification of excellent teachers – here we show how;
  • clear the policy barriers that keep them from reaching more students – here we offer a clear, simple list of new, more effective policies; and
  • catalyze the will for schools to put excellent teachers in charge of every student’s learning. Here we propose bold solutions to create this will—including a new right to excellent teachers and strong financial incentives for excellent teachers to reach more students—and we invite others to add to these ideas. Without will-enhancing actions, other policies and education changes will continue to fall short of their potential.
Posted on October 11, 2011 .