I Can Handle It

I am insanely jealous that fellow TFAer Kevin Huffman won the Wash Post's pundit contest and now has his views on education reform featured in the Post (of course, I did not enter the contest because "write my own column" is still a few steps ahead in my grand-life plan-- but someday!).

In any case, his opinion piece today is pretty darn good. It doesn't go far enough or get specific enough, and while I'm at it, the weight he gives parents (30% of the solution) vs. firing bad/dangerous teachers (about 20%) is way off. Parents will get more involved when there is a rational reason for them to do so, at least the inner-city parents I'm thinking about.

Lastly, no mention of NCLB and the negative effect it is having on good schools (while I think it does some good in motivating bad schools to improve).

OK, so I'm not smitten with the piece, but it is good and maybe a bit of envy is clouding my view....

Kevin Huffman on Improving American Schools Jan. 2, 2009

Posted on January 2, 2010 .