From one of our interns

This speaks for itself:

Rest in peace, prayers go to the Martins.
Racial profiling, that's the way that it started.
You say it's not a problem,
it happens way too often.
Don't believe me? Then here's a story that I took part in.
I remember I was brought in.
Death threats is what they was talkin.
One of two students accused,
but I was slightly darker.
We in a room with an officer for questioning.
The focus was on Keenan, not the kid next to me.
Only elementary, the cop had turned and said to me,
He knew I was lying the moment I walked in, and I did it most definitely.
With no proof, the man assumed..he didn't have no evidence.
Said I was guilty without investigation, if that's not prejudice,
someone tell me what the definition is.
Cuz when I don't look like them other kids,
I'm treated differently.
It's in my history.
When they say that it's a myth it really gets to me.
To say it doesn't exist  that really don't make sense.
To say we are all treated equal, is not the way it is.
So let’s not pretend,
and not be colorblind, cuz that ain't the way.
Cuz we must recognize the race,
Embrace and celebrate.
Yet, not separate ourselves from one another
And not be afraid to love each other for our differences.
The next week they discovered a different kid that was guilty.
Yes, another kid that definitely was not me.
I didn't get an apology from the police,
and I was never in any court room,
but from the moment I walked in,
that police man he was judging me.
And from that day on it stuck with me.
And it still does this day too.
So to say there isn't an issue with race,
is simply not stating the truth.
Maybe one day we can live King’s dream to the full extent yes, you and I.
We've come a long way, but we've got a ways to go and I still have hopes to unify.

- Keenan Trevon Serrano, July 13, 2013

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