by Kelly Amis

OK, I'm a bit biased when it comes to Nebraska (my home state) and people from there, but I believe this young guy named Justin Wayne has the potential to be a national leader on education reform. A lawyer by trade, Justin got himself elected to the Omaha School Board and is really shaking things up there (and taking plenty of heat for it). 

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Justin Wayne

Here's Justin's BIO.

And here's a letter today he submitted in support of a bill that would improve teacher evaluations in the state: Justin Wayne testimony for LB 809

You know, I can't help looking at that testimony and, for the millionth time, seeing just how crazy our system is with regard to evaluating teachers. Can you imagine if, as a new employee, you were only evaluated ONCE a year -- that is, a person actually came and observed you doing your job ONCE year (and you knew exactly when it would be)? Then, after a couple of years, you might only be evaluated every THREE TO FIVE years! Justin is supporting a bill to make sure every teacher is evaluated at least once a year. I mean, that's how far away we are from a system that holds teachers accountable.

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