Reflecting on the Election

By TEACHED intern Zachary Dorcinville

When President Obama was elected back in 2008, I was elated because I had a feeling that our country was entering a brand new era in which equality would be a priority. Fast forward to 2016, and it's a totally different ball game.

I am open-minded. While I've always been for the Democratic party, this could change if I valued the virtues and beliefs of a candidate from another party. However, watching the presidential debates, I thought that Secretary Hillary Clinton clearly had more valid points than  Donald Trump. During his convention, Trump insulted many different groups, and during the debates he took so many personal shots at Hillary Clinton that at one point I forgot that it was a presidential debate.

Now, I am not saying that Hillary Clinton is flawless, but my personal opinion is that she would be a better president than Donald Trump. In my belief, Trump is a dangerous candidate for the United States. I say this simply because his condescending persona is not suitable for running the country while making major decisions. In fact, one of the primary differences between Barack Obama and Donald Trump is that Barack Obama does not have a condescending persona, as he wields the poise and compassion that every presidential candidate should possess. 

At first while watching the election, I was feeling good because Hillary seemed to have a comfortable lead. The butterflies in my stomach were awaken when I saw the polls changing, and at the end I realized that the fate of our country for the next four years at least, would be in Donald Trump's hands. This was nerve racking because I think he will lead the United States into turmoil. Being the young African American male that I am,  I believe that he may be a white supremacist.

It is very hard for me to understand the thought process of a U.S. citizen going into a voting booth and selecting Donald J. Trump. While most presidential candidates are far from perfect, the fact that Donald Trump will be Barack Obama's successor gives me chills.

For the rest of the world that is watching, I would like to say that as a nation we will not be defeated, many of us will fight even harder now for equality for minority groups like mine.