Fatima Speaks: Access to the “Teaching Zone”

By Fatima Nasiyr

In Every Child Should Have Access to the “Teaching Zone”, TEACHED director and producer Kelly Amis interviews Carlet Harris, a young woman featured in our upcoming short film Think of Calvin, to gain perspective from a parent on the struggles of trying to ensure your child receives a decent education when you live in a low-income community. Why should anyone's child have to attend under-funded and under-resourced schools? And why should any child have to cope with a lackluster education just because of their zip code? How does this affect the student's, even the entire family's, future?

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To read our full piece featured on Education Post, go here. You can also listen to other voices we have featured On the Loudspeaker here, which includes interviews with prominent figures such as CNN correspondent Van Jones, performer and equal rights advocate John Legend, and --coming soon--Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp.