Zachary Speaks: Parent Power

By TEACHED Intern Zachary Dorcinville

The area in which a child lives should not determine where he/she goes to school. After watching the our new video entitled "Because They Can: A Parent's View", I realized that the methods of teaching carried out in the area that a child lives may not match his/her learning style or satisfy their desire to learn different things.

I have been very fortunate throughout my life growing up in the Bronx to be surrounded by teachers who are passionate about me obtaining the necessary tools in order for me to be successful in academics. Whenever I struggled in a subject, the teachers would do everything in their power to ensure that I got the help I needed to become strong in that subject. If I did not have that help, however, I wouldn't be as open-minded and I wouldn't crave knowledge the way that I do today.

Parents know their child best and should have the power to enroll them in a school that compliments their learning style the most, regardless of their income or demographic.