TEACHED Update July 2015

Don't miss the latest! Oakland Youth Challenge Silicon Valley, Code Oakland receives awards, upcoming film festival screenings, and more.

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Hey Silicon Valley! Are You Listening?

As you may know, we created theTEACHED series to put more voices "on the loudspeaker" through cinematic film and digital media, so we are happy to announce a new collaboration with Education Post, an online site providing candid commentary on education, race issues and "the belief gap."

Today Education Post published our first collaborative work: a multi-media op-ed: "It Shouldn't be a Privilege to Learn How to Code" (quote by the fabulous Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code). It includes a short essay by Kelly Amis and this video of Bay Area local up-and-coming tech stars. Inspired? Watch the full-length discussion moderated by Cedric Brown of the Kapor Center for Social Impact

Thanks to Education Post for your partnership, to our youth tech stars for your words of wisdom, and to you all in advance for Tweeting, Facebooking, emailing and commenting on this video! Please help us make sure Silicon Valley sees it too.

Isaiah Tech Panel Screen Shot

Screening Code Oakland

Back in April, Code Oakland was featured in the 48th Annual Houston International Independent Film Festivaland the Humboldt International Film Festival....and won awards in both! Code Oakland won the Bronze Remi Award for Social and Economic Issues in Houston and Best Documentary at Humboldt. We appreciate both these festivals for this kind recognition.

Code Oaklandwas also recently featured in The Justice Film Festival in Chicago, Oklahoma's deadCenter Film Festival, the San Francisco Black Film Festival, the Madrid International Film Festival and the Manchester International Film Festivalwho included some great clips from Code Oakland in this promotional video

In addition to these great festivals, we were invited to screen Code Oakland at Salesforce (twice!), a tech company we admire for its commitment to improving the world as part of its business model, and also LinkedIn, thanks to an event organized by the Hidden Genius Project. We are excited to work with these and other Silicon Valley companies to inspire diversity in tech industry hiring practices.

For information about upcoming events in Breckenridge, COBoise, ID; and Joshua Tree, CA, go to our screenings page.  Want to organize your own screening? Go here

Justice FF laurels

New Talent!

Please join us in welcoming two new additions to the Loudspeaker Films growing team of talented professionals, Shaka Jamal Redmond and Natacha Giler.

Shaka is the founder of OLU8 and a talented indie filmmaker and artist from Oakland, California. A graduate of both Tuskegee University and San Francisco State University, Shaka was the first filmmaker from Oakland to win the Game Changers FellowshipNatacha is a director, cinematographer and editor from Paris, France, who has produced and directed both narrative and documentary films, sometimes collaborating with one of our "veteran" team members, Sergei Krasikov in New York. Read more about them and other Loudspeaker Films' team members here.

Shaka JNat G

Farewell, Dear Friend  

Late last month, the world mourned the loss of James Horner, a wonderfully talented, well-known and prolific movie composer who could make an audience cry with his music alone. While famous for big-budget, Oscar-winning films' scores (Titanic, Glory, Braveheart, etc.), James was also a supporter of small, independent films and a fan of TEACHED. James donated editing equipment and laptops to our interns and shared his valuable time watching our films in progress. His was a gentle, beautiful soul and we send our prayers and best wishes to his family and loved ones. Rest in Peace, James. We will miss you.

JH Abbey Rd