Zachary Speaks: What Youth Need

By TEACHED Intern Zachary Dorcinville


I have overcome many obstacles to become the person I am today. Watching my mother push through her illnesses while trying and succeeding to make ends meet for my sister and I has given me the courage to conquer whatever challenges life throws at me. Resiliency is a trait that I am blessed to have, and I want to instill it in people who feel like there is no way out of the darkness.

When my mother passed when I was 14, I felt defeated. No motivation, just depression and anxiety. I was able to get help from my family and the correct clinical care, but I want to help others who may not have access to the support they need to find light at the end of the tunnel. I want to tell those who are struggling as I did that they have a purpose, and that there is something to live for.

Suicide among young people is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., and most are linked to poor mental health. Adolescents dealing with mental health issues simply aren't getting the help they need, especially in educational settings. I believe that if schools would take the initiative to incorporate mental health services for young people suffering in silence, suicide among teens would drop dramatically.

Because I know from experience what the suffering of depression feels like, I am developing an app called Recupery, which will give teens an easy gateway to access a counselor from their mobile device whenever they feel like they need to talk to someone right away. Developing this app is one of my biggest goals, because I know my mother would be proud of my decision to help young people like me achieve their aspirations by helping them through periods of despondency and placing them in the right state of mind.

Below is a link to a documentary by MSNBC that explains the reason behind Recupery and why it is so important to me.