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    TEACHED is a series of short documentary films that candidly address the causes and consequences of our nation's race-based “achievement gap," looking at continuing inequality in our public school system and taking viewers into those communities where its effects are most severe.

    Created by a former teacher and education writer, TEACHED is meant to remind viewers of the promises made over half a century ago in Brown v. Board of Education that all U.S. students would receive an equal education. The first set of TEACHED films, TEACHED Vol. I, addresses some of today's most challenging and controversial education issues.

    TEACHED Vol. II, now in production, looks inside and outside of the classroom to share the experiences of black male youth in particular. The films are complimented by our online On the Loudspeaker interview series with national education leaders.

    TEACHED is produced by Loudspeaker Films, an independent production company committed to social justice and education equality. It is a not-for-profit project that relies on sponsorships, grants and donations to produce the films and make sure they reach a broad audience.

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    Kelly Amis, Producer/Director — After graduating from Georgetown University, Kelly taught in South Central, Los Angeles as a charter corps member of Teach for America. She went on to earn an M.A. in Education Policy Analysis from Stanford University and research the Australian education system as a Fulbright Scholar. Kelly worked for U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein as a Legislative Aide and several education reform organizations, including the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, Building Hope and Fight For Children. TEACHED is her first film project. Watch interviews with Kelly here, here and here.

    Ashley Johnson, Outreach Coordinator —  Ashley is a graduate of New York University where she double majored in Journalism and Sociology. Ashley has an interest in film and a strong commitment to education equality. She honed her event-planning, scheduling and all-around problem-solving skills at Teach for America's National Office in NYC. Based in Harlem, Ashley is helping to grow TEACHED's East Coast presence and make sure our schedules and events run smoothly. 

    Meet some of our amazing artistic contributors here.


    Our internship program works virtually to bring students together from across the country. If you are interested in interning at TEACHED, please contact us at for more information.

    Some current and former interns: Joshua Saunders, Keenan Serrano, Georgia McClain, Vanessa Mehouchi & Austin Taylor.



    Malik D. Smith 1995-2004

    TEACHED is dedicated to Malik Smith, who was only eight years old when he passed away in 2004.

    Like too many African-American boys, Malik was wrongly labeled as a "special education" student. Fortunately, he spent his last school year at a wonderful school that treated him like the intelligent and capable child that he was. Thank you to all the teachers, principals and district leaders out there who understand that every child has the potential to achieve and deserves the best education possible. 

    We love and miss you Malik.